Heart-pounding, reality-shifting, barrier-breaking or phone-tilting good. A 10 out of 10 film shows you something in a way you’ve never seen before. Making that kind of film is not science, it’s personal, a matter of taste and never-ending curation.

It is about nailing every single detail while never losing sight of the big picture. So we always aim for a 10 when we write, film, direct, design, grade or create something timeless. We work for brands, agencies, artists or anyone who believes that film is the perfect way to share their story.

Film production by 10/10

Amsterdam based, globally enabled.

We know that craft is key when you’re creating a 10 out of 10. That’s why we work with people who care as much about every detail of your story as you do. We find them around the world and curate the wildest, next-level talent from Amsterdam, London, Berlin, Cape Town and Los Angeles.

Because no geographical border should ever stand in the way of your film, our international network consists of award-winning DOPs, directors, editors, production designers, colourists and creatives who share the love for film.

Scoring a 10/10

… doesn’t come easy. It always takes talent and sometimes a strict approach. That’s why we follow the way of the 10. You can hold us accountable to these ten simple but important rules, every time we set out on an adventure together.

The ways of the 10:

  1. Your idea is everything, stick to it
  2. Set the bar, don’t settle for less
  3. It’s in the details, details, details
  4. Exceed your own expectation
  5. A 10 today is a 10 tomorrow, make it timeless
  6. Talent knows no borders, so look beyond them
  7. Let’s curate ourselves, every day again
  8. Know what and who might be in the way
  9. Keep your ear to the ground and aim for the sky
  10. Trust your taste, it’s personal!

10/10, creative film and photo production

10/10 is an award-winning film and photo production company based in Amsterdam, globally operating, renowned for crafting exceptional commercials, brand campaigns, photoshoots, and music videos. We consistently set high standards and are committed to delivering productions without any compromise.

Curious what your 10 out of 10 could look like?

Get in touch and let’s create something stupidly amazing together.

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